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The main purpose of this web site is to gather as much information about the Agredano's as possible.


El proposito de este sitio es de adquirir la informacion que mas se pueda de los Agredano.

About Me / Acerca de Mi

Name: Oscar Agredano
Hometown: Chandler, AZ

Hobbies: Family, music, golf, fantasy football
Music: All less country/rap
Movies: The River, Ghost, Matrix, Avatar
Languages: English, Spanish



My motto: Make lemonade!

Hi. My name is Oscar Agredano, and I live in Chandler in AZ. I work for a SoMi Data LLC in California, which is owned by my brother Justino Agredano.

As for my private life, I'm married (26+ years) with the most wonderful woman in the world and we have 5 children, the most (insert all the positive adjetives you can think of here) a father could ever have.

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